Anthem Welcomes the 1.4.0 Patch: Here Are the Details on the Update


After the publication of the update 1.3.0 of Anthem, which started the expected Cataclysm event, BioWare has now made available a new update for the game.

Through Twitter, the software house has, in fact, announced the publication of Anthem patch 1.4.0, of which the related notes have already been shared. Through the latter, we learn about the introduction of some changes and the correction of various bugs in the title.

Among the novelties, we find the extension of the limit of the object deposit, which has been raised to 350. As part of this review, BioWare informs us, now the deposit scrap card has a limit of 200 items. Once the latter has been reached, the players must indicate some as ” to keep ” or ” decompose ” before being able to scrap further objects. Again with reference to the storage of objects, the team reports that they have solved some problems, including the premature receipt of a notice to reach the maximum limit of the same and the possibility of manufacturing objects even when it was already full.

There are also numerous modifications made by the 1.4.0 patch within the game. Among these, we can mention for example the addition of a timer in the seasonal shop to highlight the change of objects or the updating of the descriptions of different challenges. For a complete list of the innovations introduced in Anthem, we advise you to consult the notes relating to the patch, available in Italian and reachable through the link indicated in the Tweet at the bottom of the news.