Apex Legends: Dataminer Reveals the Possible Appearance of the Crypto Drone


The first rumors related to the arrival of a new legend named Crypto inside the battle royale date back to the beginning of August: now, the rumors have intensified.

Recently, in fact, some alleged new information on Apex Legends has been leaked on the net, including an artwork dedicated to Crypto. The latter portrays a man with a drone behind him, an element that seems to fit in with what was previously noted by the numerous data miner active on the Respawn Entertainment game, which suggested for the new Legend an ability related, in fact, to a drone.

Now, to throw more fuel on the bonfire of the rumors come the activities of a further data miner, known as ” That1MiningGuy “. The latter has in fact traced references in the game files related to the alleged Crypto drone. Using them, the player was able to recreate a render of the object, which he later shared on Reddit. The data miner also published the possible drone finisher on Twitter: you can view both clips directly at the bottom of this news.

Waiting for official information on the future evolution of Apex Legends and on the possible arrival of Crypto by the Respawn Entertainment team of developers, players can enjoy the new Spectrum Vacuo event, dedicated to the Wraith character.