Code Vein Presents Us With a Boss Fight: Trailer for the Fearsome Insatiable Despot

The Code Vein Closed Network Test Registrations Are Open!

The month of September 2019 will see the publication of the intriguing Code Vein, new videogame production branded Bandai Namco, arriving both on PC and on the console.

To prepare gamers for what awaits them in the dark and threatening game world, the development team decided to offer a little taste of one of the boss fights that will be featured in Code Vein. In particular, a short trailer presented to the public one of the Boss of the game, known as ” Insatiable Despot “. The monstrous creature will not stop until it succeeds in defeating our video game alter ego: our only alternative will, therefore, be to show us more skilled in battle. You can take a first look at this fearsome adversary thanks to the dedicated trailer, which you can find directly at the beginning of this news: we wish you a good vision!

Console users have recently had the opportunity to experience the game first-hand, thanks to the Code Vein Demo made available by Bandai Namco on Sony and Microsoft home consoles. We take this opportunity to remind you that the final version of the game will arrive on the gaming market on September 27th, bringing Code Vein on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.