Could PS5 Be Paired With a Second Sony Game Console via Cloud?


SegmentNext has discovered a patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC filed last August 29 and related to a mysterious ” Cloud gaming device ” … that the company is thinking of a second console to be installed alongside PlayStation 5?

A similar strategy had been rumored regarding Xbox Scarlett, with Microsoft working on two known models with code names Anaconda and Lockhart, with this latter device dedicated solely to streaming games with support for Project xCloud and therefore significantly cheaper compared to the main console.

At the moment Redmon’s house has abandoned the idea of ​​a dual console, as confirmed by Phil Spencer at E3, but Sony could move in the same direction by presenting both PlayStation 5 and a device with more content and price designed exclusively to play with titles distributed via PlayStation Now.

This is currently the only speculation and the existence of the patent does not confirm the existence of a Sony console dedicated to streaming and Cloud games. Recall that according to some rumors PS5 will be presented on February 2020 during a special PlayStation Meeting event, will we know more about this occasion? We will find out (eventually) in a few months.