Daemon X Machina for Switch: The Nintendo Direct Video Confirms the Launch of the Demo


After darkening the skies of the Earth of the future with the spectacular launch trailer for Daemon X Machina, the mechs of the new Marvelous action sci-fi invade Nintendo Direct to confirm the availability of the Demo on Nintendo Switch.

The demo version of Daemon X Machina is already available on eShop and can be downloaded for free. The Demo offers a glimpse of the intense battles of Kenichiro Tsukuda’s latest digital effort and allows users of the Kyoto home’s hybrid console to participate in the activities of the very early stages of the campaign.

The progress made in the Prologue available in this trial version can also be transferred to the final version of Marvelous’s sci-fi kolossal, thus allowing us to continue our personal war against the Immortals, the gigantic corrupt machines that threaten to wipe out the last human settlements escaped impact with the Moon.

Without delay, we will leave you to the Nintendo Direct video and we remind you that Daemon X Machina will be available starting September 13th strictly exclusively on Nintendo Switch. On these pages, you will also find an in-depth video on customization of mechs and cooperatives.