Death Stranding: confirmed the choice of difficulty level, there will also be “Very Easy”

Death Stranding

With the approaching date of the release of Death Stranding exclusively on PS4, Hideo Kojima returns to update us on the development of his highly anticipated sci-fi blockbuster to confirm the possibility of choosing the level of difficulty.

From the pages of his Twitter profile in Japanese, Kojima has helped to shed light on this important aspect of the gameplay of Death Stranding by stating that yes, it will be possible to select the level of difficulty desired by choosing from a range of options that will range from “Very Easy” to “Hard” (or “Very Hard”).

In this way, assures the father of Metal Gear, users who are unfamiliar with the action-adventure of this genre will still be able to progress easily in the missions of the main plot and deepen the knowledge of the single NPCs and enemies that will gravitate around the figure of Sam Bridges. In a playful way, Hideo also explains that he had to introduce the “Very Easy” mode to meet the needs of the actors who collaborate on the project, thus allowing him to frame his character and understand what role they play in the complex history of the title.

The launch of Death Stranding is scheduled for November 8 on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. In these days, Hideo Kojima received as a gift from Guerrilla a box full of chocolate to spur the Japanese master and his authors of Kojima Productions in the final phase of development (without going into the controversy over the crunch ) of their ambitious open-world adventure.