Dying Light 2: Techland confirms in video the appalling dimensions of the open world map

Dying Light 2

Interviewed by the editors of the official Nvidia YouTube channel, the Techland authors comment on the gameplay of the E3 Dying Light 2 demo and confirm the incredible size of the map of their open-world action.

Discussing the ambitions nurtured by the Polish software house and the graphic potential of the GPUs of the Nvidia GeForce RTX family, Techland’s Chief Technology Officer, Pawel Rohleder, explained that the development team wanted to keep the promise made in recent months to enthusiasts about the size of the open-world map of Dying Light 2.

According to Rohleder, therefore, the horror dimension of the next chapter of the Dying Light roleplaying action saga will be roughly four times larger than the settings explored in the first episode, removed from the Harran suburb region visited with The Following expansion.

Considering the already enormous dimensions of the original Dying Lightmap, and Techland’s desire to look at the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett next-gen and implement all the latest and most advanced dynamic lighting features using Ray Tracing technology, it will be really interesting (not to say terrifying ) find out what the official system specifications of Dying Light 2 could be, whose launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is expected in the spring of 2020 .