Elden Ring: Does the Target Chain Reveal the Release Date of the From Software Blockbuster?

Elden Ring

Despite the already confirmed absence of Elden Ring from the TGS 2019, the Ruolistic colossal of From Software remains at the center of the thoughts of the millions of fans of soulslike adventures, especially by virtue of the recent rumors of the release date from the United States.

Based on what was suggested by the well-known American chain Target, in fact, the marketing of Elden Ring should not be too far in time: the cards for the pre-orders of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions report June 30, 2020, as the game’s delivery date for those who decide to make a reservation.

Rather than using the customary date placeholder of December 31, the American store instead decided to offer a specific indication for Elden Ring launch day. As rightly remembered by members of the videogame community of forums such as ResetEra and Reddit, the date reported by Target for the marketing of the ambitious adventure of From Software realized in collaboration with George RR Martin does not seem to be reconciled with the launch times usually adopted by Bandai Namco.

The proximity to E3 2020, expected in the first half of June next year, also contributes to making Elden Ring’s release even more unlikely on the date indicated by Target. While waiting to receive a confirmation or a denial in this sense from Bandai Namco and the Japanese developers, we refer you to our in-depth analysis on the Celtic symbolism of Elden Ring and on the similarities with Dark Souls and Sekiro.