Epic Store gives ABZU and The End is Nigh: the next free game will be Conarium

the end is nigh

With the punctuality of an atomic clock or, even more, of the Fortnite Shop daily reset, the curators of the Epic Store update their weekly promotion of free games to allow us to download ABZU and The End is Nigh.

Both ABZU, the underwater epic of Giant Squid inspired by Journey, which The End is Nigh, the scrolling adventure in pixel art by Edmund McMillen, can be included in your digital game library starting today, Thursday 5 September, until 12 September afternoon.

As part of the Epic Games Store program that will go on weekly until the end of 2019, once the promotion on ABZU and The End is Nigh has been completed it will be possible to download a new free game, the Conarium horror, from 12 to 19 September.

The Zoetrope adventure is freely inspired by the story “Alle Montagne Della Follia” by HP Lovecraft and puts users in the shoes of Frank Gilman, a scientist intent on opening a dimensional gap towards a universe populated by supernatural entities. If from the artistic graphical point of view the work of the Turkish developers can only refer to the dystopic and twisted Lovecraftian settings, under the strictly playful profile Conarium shows off a complex system of puzzles and puzzles to solve in a crescendo of thrilling experiences to lead the user towards multiple endings.