Fortnite 10: how to complete all Boogie Down missions of Week 6

fortnite Boogie Down

The missions of Week 6 of Season 10 of Fortnite Royal Battle have finally arrived and it is now time to publish our tips to help you complete them all in the shortest possible time.

Here is the list of missions and a few tricks to speed up completion:

Boogie Down missions

Hit an enemy with a Ballerina Bomb (0/2)

Nothing could be simpler, in fact, it will be enough to find some ballerina grenades around the map (it is a rather common object and present above all in the chests), throw it on an enemy and make it dance. Repeat the process twice and you’re done.

She dances in front of a bat-shaped statue, in an elevated pool and on a seat for giants (0/1)

To complete this mission you will have to go to three different places on the map and dance in front of as many objects. On our pages, you can find a practical guide in which we illustrate the position of the bat-shaped statue, the pool and the seat for giants.

Get eliminated with a heavy rifle, an assault rifle and a submachine gun (0/1)

Also, in this case, it is a very simple challenge to complete, especially if you take advantage of the Team Brawl to carry it out. Eliminate an enemy with each of the three types of weapons (even in different games) and you can continue with the other missions.

Travel 100 meters dancing (0/100)

In order to pass this mission, you must necessarily have unlocked at least one of the emotes that allow the player to walk during their execution. If you don’t have the Season 9 chicken dance you can complete the challenge by starting to walk after activating the emote that unlocks at level 14 of this season’s Battle Pass.

Visit a giant piano (0/1)

This challenge is also quite simple and simply requires you to visit the huge musical instrument located near Rifugio Ritirato. If you have difficulty finding it you can always take a look at our Fortnite giant piano position guide.

Destroy the signs “forbidden to dance” (0/3)

This time you will not have to dance in front of the “forbidden to dance” signs scattered around the map, but you will have to destroy them with a pickaxe. On our pages, you find the position of the three cartels forbidden to dance to Fortnite easier to reach.

Dance in a BRUTUS in different games (0/3)

Also, this mission involves the emotes and, to complete it, you will have to enter inside a BRUTO mech and dance in three different games. The advice we can give you is to complete the mission in Team Squad mode, where getting one of these mighty vehicles is not that difficult.

Boogie Down Prestige Missions

Damage enemies under the effect of a Ballerina Bomb (0/2)

This could be the most annoying challenge to complete this week, since not only will you have to hit an enemy with a ball bomb, but you’ll also have to damage it while he’s dancing. A trick that could simplify your life is to enable group assistance so that one player can take care of hitting the enemy with the bomb and the other is ready to hit him.

She dances in front of a bat-shaped statue, in an elevated pool and on a giant seat in one game (0/1)

Just like before, you’ll have to reach the bat statue, the flying pool and the giant chair. The only substantial difference compared to the previous challenge consists of the obligation to have to dance in front of the three objects in a single game. Also this time you can make things easier for yourself by asking a friend for help and activating group assistance so that everyone goes to one of the three objects to complete the mission in a matter of seconds.

Get an elimination with a sniper rifle, a gun and an explosive weapon (0/1)

Once again it will be necessary to eliminate opponents with weapons belonging to different categories and not necessarily in a single game. With patience, start a couple of games in Team Squad mode and try to find all the weapons needed to complete the mission.

Dance with others to raise the Strobosphere in a hangar in the ice (0/1)

To complete this challenge you will need to visit the hidden ballroom inside a hangar and dance with the other players. For more information on the location of the stratosphere in Fortnite, you can refer to our guide.

Play the score on a giant piano (0/1)

This mission will ask you once again to go to the Fortnite giant piano, located near Rifugio Ritirato. This time, however, it will not be enough for you to get close to the instrument and you will have to play the score that is right next to it.

He dances immediately after opening an air supply in different games (0/3)

This is another perfect mission for the Team Battle mode, in which numerous air supplies rain down. All you have to do is open one of the blue boxes and dance right away. Do the same thing in three different games and the challenge is completed.

Dance behind the DJ console in a nightclub with the Yond3r costume (0/1)

The last of this week’s prestige challenges ask you again to dance and, to complete it, you will necessarily have to wear the Yond3r costume of the Battle Pass of Season 10. On our pages, you will find the exact location of the Fortnite DJ booth.