Fortnite 10: how to complete time-based missions Return of Week 6


Week 6 of Fortnite Battaglia Reale’s Season X has just begun and, as usual, new free timed challenges have also been published, which do not necessarily require you to be in possession of the Battle Pass in order to be completed.

Here are all the missions, which will be put online every day at 16:

Eliminations with sniper rifles (0/1)

This first timed challenge should not give you any particular problems and you will just have to eliminate one enemy with a sniper rifle to overcome it. In the worst case, you can usually resort to the very useful Team Bending Mode, where you can take advantage of it to take out a stationary or distracted enemy.

Survive opponents in Solo or Couples (0/150)

This is perhaps the simplest challenge among those proposed since you could complete it without even realizing it. If instead you are in a hurry and want to complete it as quickly as possible, the best advice we can give you is to start a game in Solo mode, hide in a bush in the centre of the map and wait until the end of the game.

Inflict damage on opponents using cross-eyed weapons (0/500)

In this case, you will simply have to damage the enemies without necessarily eliminating them with the help of weapons equipped with a viewfinder. One of the best ways to complete this challenge is to get an assault rifle with crosshairs in Team Squad mode and try to do as much damage as possible.

Look for boxes of ammunition in Lethal Land or Retreat (0/7)

Even this mission should be quite simple since you will simply have to land in one of the two places indicated and open as many boxes of ammunition as possible. Repeat this until you have collected 7 to complete the challenge.

Use different throwing objects in one game (0/2)

To accomplish this mission you will have to launch two objects in one game and, since throwing weapons like grenades are quite common and can be collected in groups, you shouldn’t have any particular problems finding them. Collect at least two grenades and throw them where you want, so as to complete the challenge immediately.

Land on top of a Floating Island and on a Meteor (0/2)

Completing this challenge requires you to play at least two games so that you can land once on the huge meteor suspended on the map and once on the Floating Island that appeared with the last update. If you have no idea what the location of the Floating Island is you can always take a look at our guide.

Visit the Sack of Sacking and Unleashed Steps in a Single Match (0/2)

Also this week you will have to visit two different points on the map in one game. Completing this mission on your own is not difficult, especially if you use a medium like a hoverboard. If you want to speed things up, simply activate the group assistance and make one of your friends land in one place and you in the other. 

After completing three of these challenges can also go to collect the Star Secret of the Week 6 of Season X. 

Have you already completed all the Boogie Down missions of Week 6?