Fortnite 10: Location of the Secret Star of Week 6

Fortnite Season 10: A Telescope Appeared in Muffito Warehouse, Pointing to the Meteorite

As in every respectable Fortnite Battle Royal week, this time to you will be able to collect a Hidden Battle Star after completing at least three of the time challenges called Return.

So if you’ve got the Week 6 upload screen, all you have to do is go and collect the item to advance to an instant of a level in the Battle Pass. The star of the week is incredibly easy to find and is located in the southernmost part of the Lethal Land. Go to the jetty overlooking the small pond and the secret star will appear on the screen, allowing you to interact with it to collect it.

We remind you that on our pages you will find the complete guide to all the Boogie Down missions of the Week 6 of Season X.