Fortnite: Dance in Front of a Bat Statue, a Swimming Pool and a Giant Chair

Fortnite 10

Are you having trouble finding the bat-shaped statue, the elevated pool and the giant chair in Fortnite Battle Royale? No problem, as in this guide we will help you find each of these objects so that you can dance in front of them.

Here is the location of each of these objects:

  • Bat-shaped statue: located in Montagnole Maledette. From the center of this small area move to the north-west and you will find yourself in front of a small column with a stone bat on it
  • Elevated pool: to find this empty pool you will have to go to the Floating Island that appeared in recent days
  • Chair for giants: this huge wooden object is located in the area between Borgallegro, Polar Peak and Condotti Confusi. You can’t go wrong

In case you need further help, below you can find an image with the exact position of the three objects.

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