Fortnite: Dance With Others to Raise the Strobosphere in a Hangar in the Ice

Fortnite: Dance

One of the most special missions of Fortnite Battle Royal’s Week 6 of Season 10 asks players to collaborate to activate a hidden Strobosphere in a very special place.

Piste Polari hides a real dance floor and, to find it, all you have to do is enter the hangar to the west of the map. Inside the room, you will find two square platforms with the sphere in the center. All the players will have to do is a dance on both platforms to activate the object and make it arrive as high as possible.

This is a mission that could be very simple to complete in the hours immediately following its release since many will be heading to this place with the aim of interacting with the sphere. However, pay close attention to the crafty ones who will take advantage of it to make some easy killing and, in case of difficulty, take advantage of the Team Squeeze mode to avoid interference.