Fortnite: How to Find the DJ Console in a Nightclub and Dance Like yond3r


As is increasingly the case in Fortnite Battaglia Reale’s weekly missions, this time to a specific costume must be used to complete one of the Boogie Down objectives.

The mission in question not only asks the player to dance at a DJ booth but asks to do so by wearing the funny Yond3r costume, which can be unlocked by advancing in level in the Season X Battle Pass. Once the costume is unlocked you will have to apply it to your character in the locker and head to the ballroom in the building located in the snowy area northeast of Borgallegro. Should you want to land at this point, know that the wall facing the DJ booth is broken, so dropping there you will find yourself exactly at the point of your interest. Start any emote and you’re done.

Below you will also find a map with directions above to reach the exact place where the DJ booth is hidden.

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