Fortnite: Position of the Dance Prohibition Signs


During Week 6 of Fortnite Battle Royal’s Season X, you will have to hunt down the Ball Prohibition signs scattered around the map, so as to destroy them and complete one of the Boogie Down missions.

In this guide, we will not show you every single position of the signs, but we will tell you the three closest ones so that you can complete the challenge in a matter of minutes. In fact, landing in the snowy part of the map you will find all three signs necessary to complete the challenge a few meters away.

Here is the position of the Divieto di Ballo signs:

  1. The first can be found at the southwest end of the map, reach it and give it a pickaxe to knock it down
  2. At this point go northeast until you reach a small mountain with a camp with a bonfire and a couple of tents in the middle. The sign is right there, destroy it and continue
  3. The last prohibition to be destroyed is located to the south-east of Piste Polari, in the highest part. Right at the point where you can watch the hangar from above, you will find a sign, next to a white and red flag

You can follow this path in Team Squeeze mode, where it will be very difficult for someone to get in your way if this part of the map falls into your “middle”. 

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