Fortnite, Sighted Red Balloons and Disturbing Laughter in the Game: IT Is Coming?

Fortnite X it Chapter 2

Fortnite: Battle Royale is certainly not new to special events related to films, TV series or other video games, among which we can remember Fortnite X Stranger Things: that a new IT-themed cross-over is in the pipeline?

The first suspicions of a collaboration linked to IT – Chapter 2, which is about to debut in cinemas, had emerged some time ago, following some reports by data miner active in the battle royale. The latter had in fact identified references to disturbing laughter and mysterious red balloons. Well, it looks like they both started making their appearance on the Fortnite: Royal Battle map!

To signal it are several gamers, who during a game came across a strange phenomenon. Near the Parco Pacifico area, a red balloon was spotted floating above a manhole cover. As if this were not enough, breaking the latter, we can hear threatening laughter reaching us from the depths of the sewers. In short, references to the work of Stephen King do not seem to be missing: that some elements of the IT Derry are preparing to make their appearance in Fortnite?

To know it, we just have to wait patiently: at the moment Epic Games has not confirmed any IT-themed event – Chapter 2.