Gears 5 gets the “Perfect Score” from the site that evaluates accessibility in video games

Gears 5

Based on the opinions expressed by the editors of the “Can I Play That?” Portal, specialized in the analysis of video games on the subject of accessibility and the ability to use them for users with sensory and motor disabilities, Gears 5 is the first game “triple-A” to deserve the Perfect Score.

The parameters adopted by the site are five, each with a scale of values ranging from zero to six: according to the experts of Can I Play That ?, Gears 5 represents the new reference standard for all developers and producers of high-budget video games which aim to offer a satisfying recreational experience for fans with visual, motor or hearing disabilities.

The blockbuster shooter of The Coalition has in fact obtained around six out of six in all the main analyzes conducted by the authors of the specialized site, namely in the Visual Representation of the Dialogues, in the Visual Indications present on the screen, in the Visual Representation of the Sound, in the Vibration of the Controller and in the communications offered to the player in the most important moments of the adventure.

To emphasize this important milestone is the boss of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, through a message on Twitter with which he publicly compliments his authors for the result achieved. That of the accessibility of video games , on the other hand, is a theme on which the leaders of Microsoft’s Xbox division have always shown particular attention, obtaining the approval of the entire sector (and not only) thanks to investments such as the one on the Xbox Adaptive Controller and on the initiatives for the rehabilitation of war veterans.