Gears 5: Illustrated in Video the Rich Post-Launch Support Plan With Operations

Gears 5: New Rumors Confirm the Release in September

With the splendid Gears 5 game scenes still in your eyes, The Coalition packs a video dedicated to multiplayer operations that describe in detail all the activities, improvements and additions that will affect the new chapter of Gears of War in the course in the coming months.

The explanatory video given to us by the Canadian authors of the Xbox Game Studios describes the Operations of Gears 5 as “major updates” that will be published quarterly to flesh out the shooter experience of the multiplayer sector with activities and innovations.

Each operation will, in fact, be accompanied by the addition of new maps for the Versus and Horde battles, with original challenges (presumed by weekly updates and resets) to be completed in all online modes to receive skins in return for customization of your alter -ego and additional characters.

Also, thanks to the quarterly operations, new pages of the Tour of Duty will be written, the particular system devised by The Coalition to make the progression of the experience levels and medals necessary to unlock objects and prizes of various kinds even more enjoyable. Operations will also introduce new tools for Map Builder, the ambitious environment editor that will allow the most creative users to shape their personalized maps from scratch.

Before looking at the future of the blockbuster shooter from Microsoft and its ambitious post-launch support, we remind you that Gears 5 will be available starting September 10th on PC and Xbox One, but with the possibility for subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate by immersing yourself in the open world of Sera from tomorrow, Friday 6 September.