No Man’s Sky: update 2.11 is available and promises to reduce console crashes

No Man's Sky

After having provided for the launch of NMS Beyond, the digital forges of Hello Games do not stop churning out No Man’s Sky patches. The new update that brings the Sean Murray sci-fi sandbox to version 2.11 promises to solve, or at least limit, one of the most annoying problems of the title: crashes on consoles.

Browsing the river in full of the notes of the newly launched patch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we can, in fact, draw some interesting references to an unspecified “problem” that has been solved on the console and that, even before the release of the Immense free expansion Beyond, caused sudden crashes and freezes on both PS4 (and PS4 Pro) and Xbox One (and Xbox One X).

As we cross our fingers (or any other tactile protuberance that protrudes from your alien alter-ego) in the hope that this update has definitively solved the issue of the crash , we return to the notes of the patch to inform you of the successful resolution of many bugs reported by users in the construction phases of the bases, as well as in space combat sessions and the inevitable visits to the Nexus multiplayer.

Thanks to the new update of No Man’s Sky we also see the introduction of different improvements to the quality of life of all the galactic explorers, from the delay in loading the textures and the polygonal models of the planets into the atmosphere when icons and lines are not displayed text, especially during the game sessions on No Man’s Sky Beyond on VR . If you want to spend the next ten galactic cycles reading the entire changelog of update 2.11 of NMS Beyond, at the bottom of the news you will find the link to the official Hello Games website.