Planet9 Is Born: Acer Bets on Export and Next Gen


Acer, during its conference at the Berlin fair, revealed to the world Planet9, a platform dedicated to next-generation exports, currently in closed beta. The open beta instead will arrive on January 30th, 2020.

Planet9 is a next-generation export platform that will offer competitive and casual players what they need to take part in exporting, ” said Andrew Chuang, General Manager of Esports Services, IT Products Business, at Acer. ” Planet9 will provide insights to complete the experience for players around the world .”

Planet9, therefore, brings exports to amateur and casual players who feel they want to participate, allowing them to learn from professionals, understand their strengths, connect with other community players and participate in online tournaments.

Currently, the supported titles are three: PUBG, DOTA 2 and League of Legends.

The new platform will allow players to meet with others of the same level. They will be able to add friends, follow the influencers they are interested in and get advice on how to play based on the chosen title and the skills they have acquired.

For teams, it seems, there will be features like a chat room and sharing of game tactics.

Planet9 will offer a series of features to help players improve. Indeed, it will be possible to recruit a coach who can outline an individualized training plan. Not only that: you can also play alongside experienced players and keep track of your statistics to monitor performance.

The features of the promised service

The Coach function will allow players to learn from professional players and experienced players. Players will be able to select their ideal coach based on game statistics, language, rating, and hourly rate.

The Carry feature, on the other hand, will allow you to collaborate with players of a similar level, to learn and improve together. Hosts will be able to incorporate their live streaming on Twitch or YouTube to attract players and fans to collaborate with them for a dedicated session.

Game statistics: all the player’s game statistics will be available on a user-friendly dashboard and will offer new insights and advice on how to improve.

Scrim: The term Scrim, for those who do not know it, simply indicates the training/challenge activity against other opponents or teams. As presented, there will be the opportunity to try out the individual scrim, team and a special ” Tribe Wars “, ie competitions and tournaments organized every week to earn bonuses on the platform.

Tournament platform: Planet9 is also proposed as a platform capable of hosting small and large, official and sponsored tournaments.

All those who, intrigued by this particular Acer bet, can already sign up for the closed beta on