Pokemon Sword and Shield: New Creatures and Details From the Nintendo Direct Trailer!

Pokemon Sword and Shield

During Nintendo Direct, there is no shortage of news on some of the most anticipated productions of the Kyoto House: in addition to a new trailer for Luigi’s Mansion 3, new details arrive on Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

During the transmission of the Kyoto House, a new and rich video was presented, dedicated to the new chapter duo of the beloved series Game Freak. The new trailer offered an interesting glimpse into what will be the gameplay of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The possibility of customizing the appearance of one’s character has been confirmed, modifying the clothing. In addition, the new Pokémon Camp feature was introduced, which we can use to interact with our creatures. The trailer obviously also presented new creatures of the Pokédex! You can view the video directly at the beginning of this news: what do you think?