SNES Controller for Switch Exclusively for Nintendo Online Subscribers

SNES Controller

In addition to announcing the arrival of SNES games on Nintendo Switch, the Kyoto company has also confirmed that it will soon be selling a reproduction of the Super Nintendo controller, available exclusively for subscribers to the Switch Online service.

” To best replicate the original feeling of Super NES games, Super Nintendo Entertainment System wireless controllers will be offered, which can only be purchased by Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. More details will be announced in the future”, this is what is reported in the press release issued by Nintendo Italy.

Just like the NES joypad, the Super Nintendo controller will only be accessible to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The joypad will enjoy wireless connectivity and can be recharged via micro USB port, the design incorporates that of the original controller with the typical ” bone ” shape, D-Pad, four action buttons (A, B, X, Y) Start, Select and two backbones.

The official price of this accessory is 29.99 euros/dollars, the preorder can be made soon on the pages of the official Nintendo Store.