Super Kirby Clash Officially Unveiled: The Party Game Is Available for Free on Switch


During the September Nintendo Direct, the authors of HAL Laboratory announce and officially launch the Super Kirby Clash project, an exclusive party game for Nintendo Switch.

The title should arrive today, Thursday 5 September , on the eShop of the hybrid console of the Kyoto house: the formula chosen by HAL Laboratory to launch this new project is that of free to start, ie with the possibility of downloading the title for free to then unlock new features through the internal store for optional microtransactions.

The explanatory video produced by Japanese authors during Nintendo Direct describes the Super Kirby Clash multiplayer experience as strongly focused on competitive multiplayer, both on the network and locally through a shared screen and the use of four Joy-Con for as many users.

Since its launch, the Super Kirby Clash’s playful offer should include as many as 100 challenges or “levels” , each characterized by activities to be carried out by choosing your favorite character. During the last Nintendo Direct, the Switch version of Overwatch and the role-playing game Little Town Hero from Game Freak were also announced.