Trailer and Launch Date for Little Town Hero, the New Game From the Pokémon Developers

Little Town Hero

During the Nintendo Direct in progress while we are writing, the boys of Game Freak, developers of the video games of the Pokémon series, have published a new trailer and announced the release date of the role-playing game to date known with the name in Town code.

The official title will be Little Town Hero – confirmed, therefore, the rumors circulated a few weeks ago – and will be launched a lot, very soon, or October 16: shortly the pre-orders and the pre-loading of the game files will be activated. The video, which you can admire at the top of this news, shows different pieces of gameplay that allow us to get an idea about the turn-based combat system, and reveals that almost all the music in the game was composed by Toby Fox, author of the Undertale soundtrack!

The story of Little Town Hero is set in a small village, a small oasis of tranquility protected by a large castle. But everything changes when monsters suddenly appear. The protagonist will be called to protect the village, and during the fighting, he will also be able to recruit the other inhabitants.