Celeste Unveiled the Launch Date of Chapter 9: All the Details on the Free DLC

Celeste Unveiled

Fans of the acclaimed Celeste will be pleased to know that the expected DLC of the game is finally on its way: here are all the details on the publication and contents.

To update us on the progress of the work are the Twitter account of Celeste and Extremely OK, a new development team founded by the creators of the indie title, based in Vancouver. With a tweet, the date of publication of unpublished content is revealed: the Farewell DLC will arrive on September 9th on all platforms. The Xbox One version, it should be noted, could however not come out on the same date: Extremely OK apologizes for any delay, reassuring the players that, in this case, the content will arrive anyway a little later.

As already announced by the development team for some time, it is reiterated that Celeste’s Chapter 9 will be free and will include more than a hundred new levels. The publication of Farewell will, therefore, lead the game to have a total of levels greater than eight hundred. Chapter 9 will bring with it several new mechanics and items, which users will be able to discover during their exploration, as well as forty minutes of new music, composed by Lena Raine. To access Farewell, players must have completed Chapter 8 of Celeste.