Concrete Genie: The PlayStation 4 Exclusive Is Officially in the Gold Phase!

Concrete Genie:

The Pixelopus team of developers is pleased to announce, from the pages of their official Twitter account, the achievement of a very important goal.

The software house has indeed confirmed that its new video game creation, Concrete Genie, has finally entered the Gold phase! This implies that the game development process has come to an end and that the title is ready to reach the houses of gamers. Concrete Genie, we remember, is expected exclusively on PlayStation 4, a platform on which it will arrive on October 9th.

The production will accompany the gamers on a journey that will lead them to Denska, a small town inhabited by fishermen, sadly plagued by pollution and now almost abandoned. Here, we will meet the young protagonist: Ash. The latter is a boy with a shy character, who finds himself harassed by some bullies. The young man, however, will soon realize that he has a rather peculiar gift, which will upset his existence. As he painted the streets of Denska, Ash discovered that his paintings could mysteriously take life!

To get an idea of ​​the atmospheres that await you in the production of Pixelopus, you can take a look at the most recent trailer for Concrete Genie.