Death Stranding at the Tokyo Game Show: The Program Features Two Gameplay Sessions!

Death Stranding for PS4: Hideo Kojima Reveals Details About Dubbing and Subtitles

The presence of Death Stranding at the Tokyo Game Show had already been confirmed, although not in a playable form. Now, more and more interesting details come.

Through its official Twitter account, Kojima Productions has in fact offered new information on its presence at the 2019 edition of the Japanese fair. The software house has, in particular, confirmed that it will take part in the Live Shows of PlayStation Japan, at the Tokyo Game Show. At the appointments, he will attend Hideo Kojima, along with ” some fantastic guests “. In particular, the team will be present on the stage with three distinct appointments, as indicated on the event calendar:

  • Thursday 12 September ( Business Day ): Kojima Productions, Death Stranding Day-1, Gameplay Session Vol.1 (15: 40-16: 50, Japanese time);
  • Saturday, September 14 ( Public Day ): Kojima Productions, Death Stranding Day-2, Gameplay Session Vol.2 (16: 00-16: 50, Japanese time);
  • Sunday, September 15 ( Public Day ): Kojima Productions, Death Stranding Day-3. Voice Actors Session (16: 00-16: 50, Japanese time);

All three appointments have an indicated duration of approximately one hour. For now, no further details have been offered and it is not clear if the interventions set for the two Public Days can be followed live. However, at this point it seems legitimate to expect some news on Death Stranding on the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show: what do you hope will be shown?

Recently, Hideo Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding will have different levels of difficulty, including a “Very Easy” option, which will simplify the completion of the game.