Destiny 2 for PC Arrives on Steam on October 1st, Everything You Need to Know

Destiny 2: Shadoweep

Bungie has confirmed that starting from the first of October Destiny 2 for PC will be available on Steam and for the occasion has published a video of Questions and Answers to clarify the subject and make the passage painless for the players.

Which purchases will be transferred from to Steam?
Switching from to Steam will result in a single transfer of all Destiny 2 content already owned by players including accounts, the base game, expansions, silver, and annual pass.

Can players book Shadows from the Deep on Steam and associate their accounts for the transfer later?
Yes. Players can now purchase Destiny 2 Shadows from the Deep on their Steam page. The Blizzard and Steam account association process is now active.

What awaits us on Steam on October 1st?
Players will continue their adventure with Destiny 2 Shadows from the Deep, the next chapter in the story. New users will instead be able to take their first steps with Destiny 2 A New Light.

What happens if I don’t register with Steam?
Destiny 2 will no longer be available on after October 1st. We hope to have you at our side in this home change and continue your journey.