Fortnite X Splatoon: Special Event Coming Up? the Dataminer Suggests It

Fortnite X Splatoon

The Fortnite universe: Royal Battle continues to be the subject of a large number of analyzes by data miner, curious to find out in advance what will happen in the game world.

Well, the latest reports would seem to suggest the possible arrival of a new special, themed event … Splatoon! The famous and colorful Nintendo game could temporarily invade the game Island, thanks to the organization of a collaboration. To develop this hypothesis is the well-known active data miner on Twitter as ” HYPEX “. As you can see in the twitter available at the bottom of this news, the user reports some of his recent discoveries. Inside the Fortnite game files, there would be references to a ” SquidKid “, a ” squid boy “, a term that immediately made the protagonists of the Splatoon series come to mind!is it on the horizon? To know it, we can do nothing but wait!

This is not the only recent rumor concerning possible collaborations between the battle royale and other franchises. For example, over the last few days, data miner and some sightings in the game world have suggested the possible arrival of an IT-themed Fortnite event. Waiting to find out if something concrete is hidden behind the various voices in the corridor, we remind you that on Evereyeye’s pages you can find useful guides to missions. Return of Week 6.