Gears 5: How to Change Characters and Use Jack, Dave, Terminator or Sarah Connor

Gears 5

Gears 5 will be released on September 10th but Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and those who have booked the Ultimate Edition can start playing on PC and Xbox One today. In this guide we will quickly explain how to change characters, playing (also) as Terminator or Sarah Connor.

Gears 5 change character

Let’s start by saying that the change of character in Gears 5 is not always possible. Playing in single player in campaign mode we will necessarily be obliged to follow the course of history and only at certain times will we be able to use certain characters. In Co-Op instead, it will be possible to choose whether to play as Jack or Dave simply by selecting one of the two just entered the game.

In Versus mode, Escape (Fuga) or Orda instead there are no particular restrictions and you can just press the X button in the Quick Game menu to select the character to use, including the Terminator T-800 and Sarah Connor.

Gears 5: use Terminator and Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor and Terminator T-800 are part of the DLC Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack reserved for those who have booked the game in physical format and for players who enjoy access via Xbox Game Pass. Once the additional content has been redeemed (unlocking is automatic for Game Pass subscribers, in the case of physical preorders, instead, just type the code in the Redeem Code menu from the Xbox Store page) you will immediately have access to the two bonus characters , usable in multiplayer, in Horde or Fugue mode by simply selecting them from the appropriate screen before starting the game.