Gears 5 to Support the LGBT Community Thanks to a Series of Flags

Gears 5

In addition to having proved an exemplary title from the point of view of accessibility, Gears 5 also seems to include some purely aesthetic elements that will surely delight all the representatives of the LGBT community.

In the section dedicated to the personalization of your online profile, there is also the possibility of changing a flag and, among those available, there are nineteen of them entitled “Pride”. The colors of each of these flags represent a specific sexual orientation and it is therefore impossible for there to be only one member of the LGBT community who may be disappointed.

Before leaving you with a series of images depicting these flags, we remind you that the game is available today for all owners of the Ultimate Edition or an active subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service on PC and Xbox One, while all others will have to wait for the official exit scheduled for 10 October 2019.

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