Marvel’s Avengers: Hulk and a New Captain America Costume Show up in Trailers


After publishing the Captain America presentation trailer, the Crystal Dynamics team is ready to introduce us to a second character from Marvel’s Avengers: Hulk!

Bruce Banner’s alter ego is indeed the absolute protagonist of a new Marvel’s Avengers trailer, aimed at presenting the green and mighty Avenger to the public. As in the case of Captain America, the video opens with a sort of Hulk identity document, in which all the essential characteristics of the character are listed. Later, some short sequences show us the Avengers member in action, giving us a taste of his potential during the combat phases. You can view the trailer directly at the beginning of this news: what do you think, curious to try to take on the role of Hulk?

Among the latest innovations presented there is also space for a new and short trailer dedicated to Steve Rogers. The latter reveals a new version of the Captain America costume, an additional combat uniform, which can be unlocked during the game. The costume is inspired by the 2017 Secret Empire comic book saga. Marvel’s Avengers will include a large number of costumes, both original and already known to the public. Changing your outfit will have no impact on the gameplay: some costumes will be unlockable in-game, while others will be available for purchase.