Project Resistance and Final Fantasy 7 Remake at the Tokyo Game Show: New Details

Project Resistance

Kojima Productions has recently announced that it will take part in the PlayStation Japan Live Show, at the Tokyo Game Show, in which two Death Stranding gameplay sessions are scheduled.

This, however, is not the only interesting detail that we can observe within the event program. In fact, there are two further particularly intriguing events on the calendar, which we report below:

  • Saturday, September 14 (Public Day): Final Fantasy VII Remake, Special Stage (12: 20-13: 00, Japanese time);
  • Saturday, September 14 (Public Day): Project Resistance (15: 00-15: 40, Japanese time);

Unfortunately, the Live Show program does not offer further details on these two slots, but their duration, amounting to forty minutes, would suggest in-depth sessions linked to the two titles.

As for the presence of Final Fantasy VII Remake, we may already have some details: Square Enix had in fact recently confirmed that Shinra Inc characters would be shown during the Tokyo Game Show. More difficult to hypothesize the focus of the appointment dedicated to Resident Evil. The reveal of Project Resistance is in fact expected for the afternoon of Monday 9 September. That first gameplay can already be shown during the Tokyo Game Show? Now, unfortunately, we can only limit ourselves to hypotheses. Fortunately, however, the opening of the doors of the important Japanese fair is definitely close.