Project xCloud: Microsoft Joins Forces With SK Telecom to Support the 5G Network in Korea

Project xCloud Could Be a Key to the Success of Xbox Scarlett, According to NPD

Microsoft Corporation announced that it has partnered with SK Telecom to bring Project xCloud to South Korea via the 5G mobile network owned by the Asian operator.

The agreement makes SK Telecom an exclusive partner of Microsoft with regard to Project xCloud in Korea, it is at the time of an experiment given that the same Redmond company has repeatedly expressed doubts about the possibility of being able to use the service on mobile networks. Google also recently declared that Stadia will not work in 4G and a Wi-Fi network will be required to play.

Project xCloud in 5G will soon be undergoing testing in South Korea and it seems that Microsoft has already selected a group of users for the test sessions, the goal is to test the quality of the service with LTE and 5G coverage. The limitations are mainly due to the high consumption of data traffic and the quality of the lines, not always at the top even in technologically advanced countries.

We look forward to knowing if Microsoft is planning similar partnerships in Europe and North America with specific operators, the company has not confirmed anything about it at the time of writing. And you, are you curious about Project xCloud? What do you think of this platform?