Red Dead Online: Double Gold in Daily Challenges and Other Rewards Coming


Rockstar Games has announced that to celebrate the arrival of the new Red Dead Online update, until September 9th, players will get double gold in daily challenges, for a total of four bars per day, completing all seven challenges.

Completing ten daily challenges you will receive 30 explosive ammunition for repeating weapons and ten poisoned throwing knives. The surprises do not end there, however, because it will be possible to obtain even 40% more Experience Points in all the Yields of Accounts.

Bonuses are also provided for subscribers to the Twitch Prime service who have linked their Rockstar Social Club account, specifically in this case it will be possible to obtain the Tasman and Danube suits, the Emote Come ti Permetti and the Carcano rifle with a rifled barrel.

Next week (more precisely September 10th) Rockstar will publish the Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass which will introduce professions, including bounty hunter, merchant and collector, as well as a series of new events and improvements. The company has announced that this will only be the first of a series of updates that will arrive during the fall season and that will enrich the world of Red Dead Online with new experiences and additional content.