Xenoblade Chronicles, Video Comparison Between Wii and Nintendo Switch: Including New Areas?


During the recent Nintendo Direct, the Kyoto House presented the public with the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition announcement trailer for Nintendo Switch.

The confirmation of the arrival of the beloved production of Monolith was welcomed with joy, but also with strong curiosity. Nintendo did not offer many details on this “Definitive Edition” of the game, which was communicated exclusively to the launch window, set for 2020. As expected, the videogame community immediately engaged in a careful analysis of the movie.

In particular, the Youtube channel ” Nintendo World Report TV ” has published an interesting video comparing the original version of the game, released on Nintendo Wii, and what is shown by this first trailer of the Nintendo Switch version. Well, as you can verify directly at the beginning of this news, the element that immediately catches the eye is the work done in terms of revision of the graphics and aesthetics of Xenoblade Chronicles. Moreover, the movie highlights a rather interesting element: the analysis of a particular screenshot would, in fact, seem to indicate the presence in the Definitive Edition of a game area that in the original version was unreachable, Bionis left shoulder. Following this sighting, the community has speculated that Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition may include unpublished content.

To be sure, we just have to wait for the House of Kyoto and Monolith to decide to share more details about this project with the public.