Days Gone Tests Your Endurance With the New Free DLC Challenge


After testing your piloting skills with Days Gone’s Hog Wild challenge, the Bend Studio developers are ready to offer you a new test!

This time, the absolute protagonists are the always threatening Freakers, which will put a strain on your survival skills. Days Gone’s new DLC challenge, entitled ” Dead by Daylight “, places players inside a house, whose walls will be the only obstacle that separates you from dangerous hordes of enemies. Here, you will have to try to deal with the Freakers ‘ attacks, surviving a long and dangerous night to finally be able to see the sunrise.

To present the eleventh challenge, Bend Studio published a short video clip, which you can view at the bottom of this news. With the latter, the team offers you some practical tips to emerge victorious from this test, which will last five minutes. Carefully preparing your defenses before the start of each assault and avoiding leaving the house will be useful expedients for dealing with enemies. Exploring your shelter home in depth you will find several useful items for your battle, including a new weapon, particularly effective against large groups of Freakers. Ready to test yourself?

In closing, we remind you that soon Bend Studio will introduce the New Game Plus in Days Gone.