Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima Compares His Sci-Fi Blockbuster to a Banana!

Death Stranding on PS4: Explained the Constant Reference to the

During an interview granted to journalists of the Financial Times (with statements reported by TSA), Hideo Kojima launched into a rather daring comparison between a banana and an apple to illustrate in his own way the dual nature of Death Stranding between video game and form. ‘art.

Once suggested to his interviewer that he will not show the side to any kind of spoiler explaining jokingly that “even now I do not understand the game”, the father of Metal Gear wanted to have his say on the eternal dispute between supporters and detractors of videogames as a modern art form stating that “what we create is akin to what sushi masters do. Their dishes will be wonderful, but they will always have the nourishment of people as the main goal to pursue”.

To emphasize the concept, the brilliant Japanese developer and master of communication stated that “if you take something that looks like a banana and calls it an ‘apple’, you can do it but it is something that works only in the artistic field. This does not apply to video games, we create interactive things. Banana must be edible after it has been peeled. who must work so that everything finds the right place? And this is what we are, a kind of modern industry guided by art but which must offer a service”.

In leaving you all further comments to Kojima’s original statements, we remind you that the launch of Death Stranding is scheduled to begin on November 8th exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.