Does PS4 download faster when it is in sleep mode?

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Players are always looking for ways to speed up downloads of their favourite titles. Obviously, this is not always possible since there are technical limits or imposed by the providers beyond which it is simply impossible to go.

As far as PlayStation 4 is concerned, there is a rumour that has been circulating for many years now, according to which downloads would be faster in Sleep Mode. Sony has never confirmed or denied, but many people use this little trick to speed up data downloading. The argument has been revived by the editorial staff of PSU, which after the many opinions gathered tried to have its say on the subject. According to the tests carried out, it would seem that in Rest Mode the downloads are really faster, although it is impossible to say how much, given that it is not possible to view the speed and the progress: according to the portal, in this state PlayStationwould be able to channel more resources to download operations, which would, therefore, speed it up. Not surprisingly, there are many players who think that with a running game, so in an opposite situation in which the load on the system is high, the downloads are slower on the contrary.

True or false? In the absence of an official statement, we do not know, but trying not harm. To activate downloads in Sleep Mode you have to follow these steps: Go to [Settings]> [Energy saving settings]> [Set the functions available in sleep mode]> [Stay connected to the Internet]. To put the PS4 in Rest Mode you can instead follow three procedures:

  • Select [Turn off] from the function screen, then [Enter sleep mode];
  • Select [Power Off]> [Enter Sleep Mode] from the quick menu;
  • Press and hold the power button until the system beeps.

Let us know in the comments how it goes! In the meantime yesterday, another historical question was brought up again: what are the names of the Dualshock keys?