Gears 5 Is a Masterpiece in Unreal Engine 4 That Sets New Standards on Xbox One, for DF

Gears 5

With Gears 5 finally available for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and buyers of the Ultimate Edition, the Digital Foundry editors finally managed to get the technical section tacked on by The Coalition guys under its magnifying glass.

We immediately anticipate the verdict of our English colleagues: Gears 5 represents the most advanced and performing Unreal Engine 4 title ever, the highest technological point ever reached on both Xbox One and Xbox One X. After all, we’re not at all surprised: the Gears series has always been careful to push the boundaries of technology further, since the Xbox 360 era, and this time it has not been denied. The fifth chapter, in any case, has made the biggest leap of all time, and it amazes us by the way it offers an incredible level of graphic detail and at the same time excellent optimization.

On both consoles, the boys of The Coalition have opted for a dynamic solution. Xbox One X offers a resolution that, depending on the load of the scene, fluctuates from a minimum of 1584p to a maximum of 2160p (native 4K), passing through an intermediate value of 1728p. On the younger sister, on the other hand, it operates at a resolution ranging from a minimum of 792p to a maximum of 1080p (Full HD), passing through 864p.

When the native resolution is lower than the output resolution (for example, taking into consideration the Xbox One X version, at times when the game runs at 1574p while you play on a 4K screen), upscaling is done with a technique of high level temporal type, which guarantees high graphic fidelity and makes it really difficult to notice the decline in definition. The boys of The Coalition have also opted for a truly intelligent solution: the upscaling of the geometries from a resolution lower than 4K occurs before the application of all post-processing effects (motion blur, bloom, tone-mapping, etc.). Put simply, the rendering of the geometries varies according to the resolution, but the post-processing effects and

Performances are solid on both consoles. On Xbox One, the maximum limit is set at 30fps, with some drop in the most agitated situations, a situation very similar to that offered by Gears of War 4. What really amazes is Xbox One X, on which Gears 5 manages to push at 60fps ( the campaign of the fourth chapter was blocked at 30fps)! Digital Foundry found declines at around 55fps, but only at times when the load was really up excessive. According to Digital Foundry, a more “aggressive” dynamic resolution could help mitigate these declines. For more information, we invite you to view the video analysis attached at the top of this news. Gears 5, we remember, will be officially launched on Xbox One and PC on September 10th. The developers have already unveiled the rich post-launch support plan with Operations. Yesterday there were matchmaking problems, but apparently they have already returned.