Gears 5 Presents Kait: Engaging Trailer for the Protagonist of the New Gears of War!

Gears 5 ESPORT

The Gears 5 Early Access kicked off between Thursday 5 and Friday 6 September, bringing the new adventure of the saga into the homes of PC and Xbox One gamers.

The game by The Coalition puts at the center of the scene the character of Kait Diaz, the protagonist of the title, to which the development team has chosen to dedicate a decidedly engaging trailer. During the movie, entitled ” The Chain “, we see the fighter making his way in a hostile environment, swept by extreme atmospheric phenomena. To support its inexorable advancement, we find Skiff, a peculiar means of transport through which we can explore different areas of Gears 5. With an engaging soundtrack, the trailer shows us a Kait determined to travel a desolate and dangerous area until the uneven path jumps out of the Skiff. At this point, a threatening adversary makes his way to the young woman, who does not hesitate to take up arms to face him. As usual, you can view the video directly at the beginning of this news: what do you think?

In closing, we inform you that the Coalition team has already provided some interesting information on what will be the characteristics of the post-launch support dedicated to Gears 5.