It Is Not at Pokémon Go Levels, but Masters Is Also Gaining Quite a Bit of Money


Although the Pokémon Company has found a new chicken with golden eggs. In just one week of availability on iOS and Android, Pokémon Masters has been downloaded more than 10 million times. Even more impressive are the earnings figures.

According to a report published by Sensor Tower, the new title featuring the cute creatures has already raised $ 26 million thanks to the microtransactions performed by gamers. The stratospheric result of Pokémon GO – which collected 56 million dollars during the first week in just 5 markets – was not equaled, but it is also a very high figure and far superior to the results achieved by the other Pokémon mobile games, or Quest (3 million dollars), Majikarp Jump (1 million dollars) and Rumble Rush (300 thousand dollars), in the same time frame.

The largest amount of money (62%) came from Japanese players, who spent a good 16 million dollars. Approximately 4.5 million are received from users in the United States of America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and France. As for the platforms, most of the expense was made by iOS users (72%).

We take the opportunity to inform you that among our pages you will find the guide to Evolutions and Mega-Evolutions and that in the last few days the Reach the Top event started in Pokémon Masters.