Monster Hunter World Iceborne: how to use the new Claw Grapple

Monster Hunter World

In addition to introducing a whole new explorable area, weapons, armor, and creatures to hunt, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne can also boast the introduction of a new gadget that makes the gameplay of the game even more interesting: the Claw Grapple.

This particular tool is nothing but an extension of the slingshot, the accessory that we have come to know in the vanilla version of the game, and was already present previously as a simple gadget related to mobility. In Iceborne players will be able to use it not only to climb but also to have a considerable advantage over the creator during the clashes.

To use the Claw Grapple and jump on the creature in the middle of a fight you will have to start aiming with the L2 button on the PlayStation 4 controller (LT on the Xbox One) and then press the Circle button on PS4 (B on Xbox One) to clip on to the limb you want to go to. Before shooting, however, it is necessary not only that the viewfinder indicates that the point is within your reach, but also that the weapon has not been stored. Some ranged weapons such as bows will require pressing the R3 button on PS4 (RS on Xbox One) to make sure the protagonist can aim with the slingshot.

If all is successful you are now clinging to the monster and at this stage, you can perform various actions. First, you can move on the creature using the left analog stick and you can attach it with the triangle button on PS4 (Y on Xbox One). This attack could cause the slingshot ammunition to fall from the enemy or weaken a part of the body for a short period of time so that your companions can take advantage of it. Instead, to hit the enemy with the claw, you must instead press Circle / B, while the right trigger (R2 / RT) is assigned the heavy attack, which will cause the enemy to falter but consume all the slingshot ammunition. If instead, you want to let go and return to the ground, all you have to do is press the X / A button.