Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Trailer in Italian Celebrates the Arrival on ps4 and Xbox One!


Gamers who were anxiously awaiting the release of the new and ambitious expansion of Monster Hunter World can finally go on an adventure on the icy Iceborne lands!

The content is in fact now available on consoles and active Hunters on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can have access to them. To celebrate the event, Capcom and the development team have put together a spectacular Monster Hunter World Iceborne trailer, which you can view directly at the opening of this news. Among colossal creatures, splendid snowy expanses and tender traveling companions, the movie offers an engaging preview of what awaits players within the game universe. What do you think, are you ready to start a new journey?

The expanse offers the Hunters a completely new region to explore, the Berry Expanses. But this is not the only novelty: Monster Hunter World Iceborne brings with it other numerous contents, including new weapons and new armor.