Persona 5 Royal: Additional Locations for Free Time and News for the Velvet Room

Persona 5 Royal: Comparative Video of the New Locations and the Real Tokyo

The Japanese publication date of Persona 5 Royal is approaching, a new extended version of the acclaimed JRPG brought to the market by Atlus during 2016.

Over the past few months, the development team has offered fairly frequent updates on what will be the new features of Persona 5 Royal. Much information was shared through the publication of ” Morgana Report “, a video format entirely dedicated to the game. In the last episode, Atlus offered some interesting details about the production.

It was thus confirmed that in Persona 5 Royal there will be some news regarding the activities that our protagonist can carry out, both in the school and during free time. For example, it will be possible to go to Nakano and Shinagawa, two districts of the city of Tokyo. The video you find at the opening, unfortunately only available in Japanese, focuses on these innovations, offering the opportunity to give them a first look. A second video, available at the bottom of the news, offers instead some details on the news that will involve the Velvet Room. Here, our videogame alter ego will have a new mechanic to enhance its persona, called “Fusion Alarm “.

In closing, we point out that recently Atlus has released two new trailers for Persona 5 Royal and announced the presence in the game of Persona Fafnir.