PlayStation: What’s the Name of the Controller Keys? Sony Answers and the Fans Go Wild

Playstation Controller

Through the pages of the PlayStation UK Twitter profile, the Sony social team poses a simple question to PS4 fans about the real name of the controller keys and, in doing so, unleashes a nice discussion among the fans of the Japanese tech giant’s console.

In the tweet that gave rise to the discussion, the PlayStation social channels urge its fans to answer an important question: “Triangle, Circle, Cross, and Square. If the Cross was X (and it is not), then how would you call the Circle button?”.

From this simple and (seemingly trivial) question a real river arose full of responses from the fans, with amused reactions and piqued interventions that brought to light a rather interesting fact, namely the strong symbolism of the four keys the main controllers of the PlayStation consoles that, over the years, have become a distinctive feature of the entire gaming industry.

The PlayStation Uk social team, of course, lent itself to the game and intervened several times in response to users to enrich content and hilarity, the discussion that arose on Twitter and quickly expanded to other popular social networks. At the bottom of the news, you will find a small example of the tones taken in this exchange that, at the time of writing, shows no sign of abating. About Sony, we remind you that the Asian giant has recently announced the Only on PlayStation economic series and its PS4 and PSVR games lineup for the TGS 2019.