Pokémon Go: Two Free Raid Passes for Everyone This Weekend

Pokémon Go: Will Eevee Soon Evolve into Glaceon and Leafeon?

In recent days, some Pokémon GO trainers have encountered several problems while participating in the Raids, which prevented the completion of the battle causing, consequently, the loss of the free Pass Raid or, worse still, of the purchased one.

To make up for the inconvenience, in addition to the customary apology, Niantic announced that from 9/7 1 pm PDT to 9/8 1 pm PDT, all players of the mobile title will receive a total of two free Raid Passes as a gift. In this way, they will be able to participate without spending anything on an additional raid, recovering the ticket lost during the outages. Redeeming the passes, we remember, is very simple: all you need to do is spin the wheel of any PokéStop.

We take this opportunity to tell you that in these days 10 new Shadow Pokémon have arrived, including Abra, Larvitar and Turtwig. This type of creature, we remember, made its appearance in the game along with the evil Team Rocket. Meanwhile, some coaches do not seem at all happy with the way Eevee is distributed with a wreath: according to them, it will remain available as a reward for too long!