Pokemon Sword and Shield Introduce the Pokecamping: All the Details on the New Mechanics


After introducing us to the Galar Region Railway Stations, the Game Freak developers presented an additional distinctive element of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

During the last Nintendo Direct, a new trailer was shown dedicated to the two games, during which a new game mechanic was revealed: the Pokecamp. The latter incorporates inside some interesting features, which will allow players to interact with their Pokemon and other Trainers in the Galar Region.

Dedicating yourself to the Pokecamping represents an opportunity to spend time with the Pokemon part of your team. For example, it will be possible to play with our mates using different toys, including balls and Pokegingilli. During the Pokecamping, our Trainer can also improvise as a chef, devoting himself to the preparation of various types of curry. By changing the ingredients, we will be able to cook different versions of the dish, which will complete a … Currydex!

In the Wilds, the Pokecamping also becomes an opportunity to interact with other players. Through local communication or Internet connection, we can spot other tents and decide to visit their owners, accompanied by one of our team’s Pokemon. With this feature, up to a maximum of four Trainers can play with their Pokemon or devote themselves to curry preparation.

In closing, we remind you that during Nintendo Direct some new Pokémon of Eighth Generation were presented.