Pokemon Sword and Shield: Unveiled Other Varieties of Alcremie, Players Report 28!


Among the first Eighth Generation Pokemon to be unveiled by Game Freak, Alcremie is currently the center of attention of many gamers linked to the series.

The last trailer of Pokemon Sword and Shield has, in fact, revealed that in the game world we can find different versions of Alcremie, the Pokemon Pannafresca type Sprite. Initially, only a second variant of the creature had been shown, characterized by shades of green and with decorations different from the strawberries “worn” by the Pokemon on the occasion of its reveal. Well, it seems that the total versions of Alcremie will be quite numerous!

To draw attention to this element was the official Pokemon Twitter account, which, as you can see in the tweets you find below, started reporting on the social network the sighting of further multiple versions of Alcremie. Pokemon have the same general appearance, but with variations in color and decoration. If that weren’t enough, the community reported sightings related to 28 different versions of the Pokemon, which a user collected in a single summary image: you can view it at the bottom, in the post he published.

For now, we don’t know how many Alcremie variants will actually be, do you already have a favorite? In closing, we point out that recently Game Freak has revealed the presence of the Pokecamp in Pokemon Sword and Shield.